Riddle Me This
"Much, much better at adapting."

We belong out on the streets, causing mayhem and chaos. It is simply what we do.

"They really need to do something about the security there, I mean. Surely they've learned by now, especially since you or any other Rogue get out pretty easily."

We each have our own methods of breaking out. Very reliable methods. When one of us breaks out, the prison will try new methods of keeping us in. Yet, as the prison adapts, so do we. Except we are much better at adapting.

"Someone does have to do it. At least until the big rodent shows up."

He isn’t too difficult to occupy. Worst comes to worse, all I need to do is spend a couple of days in Arkham and then breakout. It isn’t difficult really, once you know what riddles to use.

"I know what you mean, there's not a single place here without an idiot around the corner, excluding you and me of course."

In a world full of dolts, the intellectual have become minorities on the brink of extinction. It’s a sad truth. That is why I sometimes like to think of my self as an educator. I reward the somewhat intelligent by allowing them to live, and I exterminate the failures. It’s a messy job but someone has to do it.

"Why on earth would someone send you the answer to a riddle. It just ruins the fun of figuring it out yourself."

I agree. Maybe they assumed one of my other answers was directed at them. I’m not going to fret too much about it though. The people of Gotham aren’t exactly known for their intellect.

Hello there, good sir, how are you today?

I’m fine, thank you very much. 


no, its a pen.

No, this is sending me the answer to a riddle before I even got the chance to read the riddle.

THE ULTIMATE MULTITASKER:i am a geinous, and a fool, and vey, very cool. i am an artist, and a writer, and a death-warrent signer. i've paid bills, made laws, and even ended wars. i am many, and few, and very rarely true. so answer me, the most versitie being in the world, just this one question: who am i?

Simple, the answer is a pen.

I’m not just saying ‘simple’ because you sent me the answer to the riddle, just in case you were curious. Though it did narrow down the possible answers significantly.

Oh no no no, not that one. I had send another, but alas you did not get it. No matter. Here; I'm often held, yet rarely touched;I'm always wet, yet never rust;I'm sometimes wagged and sometimes bit;To use me well, you must have wit.

Ah yes, I am afraid that I didn’t receive this little delight. Tongue is the answer you are looking for.

Is someone having trouble with my riddle?? or did you not get it, and its swimming in your asks?

I already answered your riddle. As I recall the answer is an ear of corn, or any kind of meat you eat off the bone.